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School of Science Institute for
Mathematical Modeling and
Computational Science

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School of Science Faculty 

M. Al Hasan (Computer and Information Science)
J. Arciero (Mathematical Sciences)
B. Boukai (Mathematical Sciences)
R. Chin (Mathematical Sciences)
M. Dundar (Computer and Information Science)
S. Fang (Computer and Information Science)
G. Guidoboni (Mathematical Sciences)
Y. Joglekar (Physics)  
A. Kuznetsov (Mathematical Sciences)
C. Lapish (Psychology)
K. Marrs (Biology)
Y. Molkov (Mathematical Sciences)
S. Mukhopadhyay (Computer and Information Science)
B. Ng (Mathematical Sciences)
S. Presse (Physics)
J. Pu (Chemistry and Chemical Biology)
L. Rubchinsky (Mathematical Sciences) 
J. Sarkar (Mathematical Sciences) 
F. Tan (Mathematical Sciences)
G. Tsechpenakis (Computer and Information Science)
J. Zheng (Computer and Information Science)  
F. Zhu (Physics)  
L. Zhu (Mathematical Sciences)

External Affiliates

M. Babbar-Sebens (Oregon State University)
J. Bidwell (Anatomy & Cell Biology, IUSM)
E. Du (Electrical Engineering, IUPUI)
A. Harris (Ophthalmology and Cellular & Integrative Physiology, IUSOM)
G.S. Kassab (Surgery and Cellular & Integrative Physiology, IUSM, Biomedical Engineering, IUPUI)
S. P. Kumpatla (Dow Agrosciences)
A. B. Niculescu, III, MD, PhD (Department of Psychiatry,IUSM)
J. Shen (Mathematics, Purdue University)
A. Thukral (Cientive Group)
S. Wang (Mathematics, Indiana University, Bloomington)
R. Ward (Anthropology and Dentistry, School of Liberal Art, IUPUI)
F. Zhou (Anatomy, Cell Biology and Medical Neurobiology, IUSM)